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Executive Advisor and Interim CMO

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Demand Revenue provides Executive Advisory and Interim CMO support to healthcare and technology SaaS firms and their investors. The firm offers operational, CRM, and retention improvements; people, organizational, and change management assessments; and strategic advice to focus on the lowest hanging fruit segments and initiatives so critical to focused growth and profitability.

Overall: Performs M&A due diligence, marketing organization design and capabilities assessment, integrations, carve-outs, turnarounds, exits, and industry networking with a suite of resources.


Alan Gonsenhauser
Alan Gonsenhauser moderating a panel discussion at 6Sense B2B ESP conference in San Francisco


C-Suite Cross-functional Alignment: Strong C-suite alignment among ELT members and their teams is critical to accelerating growth, driving operational excellence, and expanding profitability.

  • Drive profitable growth through stronger business and economic alignment between sales, marketing, product management, and finance functions.
  • Expands C-suite relationships and processes to develop cogent strategic and operational plans.

Growth Acceleration:

  • Strengthen new logo and up-sell / cross-sell demand process management and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) between marketing and sales.
  • Plan and implement integrated campaigns (I.E. Growth Plays) based on customer needs with efficiently orchestrated reputation, demand, customer engagement, and sales enablement
  • Model marketing contributions to business bookings, revenue, and profits with CFOs and investors.

 Customer Experience and Retention:

  • Measure and continuously strengthen customer experiences to improve gross and net retention.
  • Drive differentiated customer experiences at every point of contact, including the initial selling process, new customer on-boarding, continued usage, and creating advocates.
  • Understand customer churn and Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost (LTV/CAC) metrics and operational levers to expand gross and net retention.

Strategic and Annual Planning:

  • Develop and implement aligned business and marketing 3-5 Year strategic plans.
  • Identify and focus business on the lowest hanging fruit segments, balancing external market with internal capabilities.
  • Integrate annual planning processes tied to long-term business strategies.
Alan Gonsenhauser presenting B2B Bootcamp to 400 at SiriusDecisions/Forrester Annual Summit in Austin, Texas
Alan Gonsenhauser presenting High Performance Marketing at Boston AMA conference

Brand re-positioning and management:

  • Position and develop strong brands and PR to create market buzz.
  • Position remarkable brands to enjoy magnified advocates, word of mouth, and market valuations.

Industry and functional benchmarking

  • Optimize marketing organization design and capabilities.
  • Compare company performance to industry benchmarks and KPI
Marketing Organizational Design: 
A major opportunity to achieve success is structuring marketing to drive key business priorities. High performance marketing organizations must be aligned with sales and product functions to deliver on key business strategies and plans. 
It’s important to organize and connect the key jobs marketing needs to get done to grow the business in an aligned manner. This often involves creating centers of excellence for demand, marketing operations, customer engagement & experience, portfolio marketing, global campaigns, content strategy & operations, and marketing communications & brand sub-functions. DemandRevenue will do a quick assessment of the marketing organization, determine gaps, and redesign marketing to drive sustained growth, operational efficiency, and customer experiences.


Segment Prioritization

To efficiently accelerate growth, businesses must prioritize industry segments which have the most promise in the short-term. Companies often only look at external market opportunities and Total Addressable Markets (TAM), investigating key trends, category spend, pending triggers, and the competitive landscape. It’s just as important to assess internal organizational capabilities to succeed, such as the right products and solutions,  domain expertise, a quality database to reach prospects, the right value proposition and messaging, and the right sales channel fully enabled. To pick and focus on the lowest hanging fruit, it’s imperative to consider the external market situation and internal capabilities. Some markets may present a great opportunity, but we’re just not ready until we shore up our internal capabilities to support a robust and aligned market engagement. DemandRevenue will help facilitate this strategic process, with cross-functional involvement between sales, marketing, and product functions.

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