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Alan Gonsenhauser,
CEO and Founder, Demand Revenue, LLC

CMO Advisor, Marketing Leadership as a  Service,  Fractional CMO, and Interim CMO

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Since forming DemandRevenue in early 2021, Alan has leveraged his marketing, finance, and P&L general management background to support private equity and venture portfolio companies as a Fractional CMO,  Interim CMO, and an executive advisor to CMOs and marketing leaders across SaaS software and health technology firms.

Being a proponent of customer-led growth, Alan assists his clients in building a robust and sustainable infrastructure. This infrastructure, fundamental to the success of any organization, includes the key components of people, processes, technology, data, and analytics. By focusing on these areas, Alan ensures that his clients are well-equipped to efficiently scale up their operations and achieve substantial growth in a customer-driven environment. Moreover, his services also contribute significantly to enhancing cross-functional alignment within client organizations.

Through improved communication and collaboration, and long-term integrated strategic campaigns, sales, marketing, product, customer success, and marketing departments work cross-functionally toward shared goals, greatly improving overall efficiency,  productivity and growth.

One of Alan’s passions is his ability to identify and lesson random acts of marketing within the organizations he supports. Random acts of marketing often lead to wasted resources and missed opportunities. By structuring and implementing long-term strategic and integrated campaigns, Alan not only improves the allocation of marketing resources but also ensures that every marketing initiative undertaken by his clients is strategic, purposeful, and directly aligned with their larger business objectives.

Since the inception of DemandRevenue in 2021, Alan has been a force in the world of marketing and finance, lending his expertise and strategic thinking to support private equity and venture portfolio companies as an effective Fractional CMO, Interim CMO and executive advisor. His work across SaaS Software and health tech industries is transformative, building infrastructures for scalable, customer-led growth, improving cross-functional alignment, and eliminating ineffective marketing efforts.

His recent engagements include:

  • Interim and Fractional CMO at:
    • FinThrive, a $450M SaaS Health IT carveout, Revenue Cycle Management, Clearlake Capital portfolio
    • Brightly Software, a Siemens Company, a $200M Global SaaS Software Smart Asset Management and Sustainability firm, Clearlake Capital sold to $3B Siemens Infrastructure
    • Linus Health, a Digital Brain Health and Alzheimer detection start-up, Series B funded, Morningside Ventures
  • CMO and CCO Executive Advisor at:
    • Precisely, a $900M Data and Software firm, Clearlake Capital portfolio
    • FinThrive, Finalsite, Microdesk

Prior to forming DemandRevenue, Alan was a CMO Executive Advisor and Analyst at Forrester and SiriusDecisions where he mentored and advised 108 CMOs over 6 years, helping to improve their marketing performance results and business alignment. Alan mentored global Healthcare and High-tech Chief Marketing Officers and emerging marketing executives to drive positive organizational change, improve cross-functional alignment, benchmark peers, and mobilize deployment of new marketing methods to accelerate innovation and growth. He was also responsible for SiriusDecisions healthcare segments globally, transforming healthcare into their fastest growth and best client retention segments.

Alan was also an adjunct professor at Emerson College’s Global Marketing Communications graduate school program and an expert witness in major healthcare litigation.

Prior to Forrester and SiriusDecisions, Alan had 25+ years of experience as a Chief Marketing Officer and Business Unit P&L General manager for global B2B firms in the Health Tech, Digital Health, Medical / Dental Device and SaaS Software domains with extensive cross-functional leadership experience in the go-to-market functions. 

His experience included: SVP, CMO at Biscom, an enterprise software Healthcare IT SaaS firm; VP, marketing and customer operations at Straumann, the Swiss global leader in dental implants, regenerative medicine and digital dentistry; Executive VP and CMO for Independent Health, a $1.5 billion health plan; VP of marketing at GE Healthcare Financial Services; and VP, General Manager of Lifeline System’s Senior Living Division (acquired by Philips).

His earlier roles were with AT&T Capital, Panasonic, and Xerox Corporation.


Alan holds a master’s degree in corporate finance and investment management from Drexel University, magna cum laude. Teaching Assistant in Finance and Statistics.

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