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Laser Advisory Sessions

Let’s start working together to overcome obstacles and capitalize on emerging opportunities. We will Combine your Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) / marketing leadership role with my executive experience as a CMO, P&L general manager and as a CMO executive advisor and coach across 108 CMOs at Forrester and SiriusDecisions as a CMO Executive Advisor, Mentor, and Coach. We will work together to develop an effective plan to strategically position and ignite marketing results at your firm.

Prior to our first advisory session, I will learn about your unique situation and objectives through a brief intake questionnaire. You will come prepared with a key topic or two for us to discuss so we can actively brainstorm solutions. We will have a focused session to address your challenges and identify opportunities to improve your business. Our collaborative session will provide you with a customized action plan outlining some concrete next steps you can take.

My aim is to equip you with the tools and perspectives to make meaningful progress on your most pressing issues and to help you position marketing as a strategic and operationally efficient growth engine at your firm.

The Laser Advisory Session Provides:

  • Access to an experienced CMO mentor and C-suite business strategist
    who will offer you an objective, outside perspective.
  • Motivation and encouragement to propel you past obstacles toward your goals. You will leave our meeting feeling energized and empowered.
  • Time to work on high-level vision and strategy instead of day-to-day
    operations. Stepping back from the details allows you to lead more effectively.
  • A customized action plan outlining measurable next steps to help you drive progress and accelerate growth.
  • Access to new ideas and methods of problem solving.

Example Discussion Topics

  • Strategic growth session on your business.
  • Annual planning and budgeting session.
  • Reducing Random Acts of Marketing.
  • Customer-led Growth.
  • Value proposition and positioning development and brand growth.
  • Go-to-Market alignment.
  • C-suite relationship development and alignment with your peers.
  • Educating the organization on modern marketing.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) 3.0 to achieve earned growth.
  • An evaluative session on how to improve alignment, interactions, and cultural fit with peers and staff.
  • C-suite metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and dashboards.
  • Financial skills for CMOs and marketers.
  • Integrated campaigns to improve alignment, operational efficiency, and growth.
  • Marketing organizational design.
  • Modern demand generation and management.
  • Basic B2B marketing skills to enable your marketing team.
  • For Fractional Executives: Setting up a winning Fractional CXO business.

Are you looking to Ignite:


  • Strong relationships with your CFO, CSO, CHRO, and other C-suite members.
  • Consistent Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and targets defined & implemented.
  • Aligned business strategies and annual plans which dovetail consistently.
  • Stop random acts of marketing with integrated campaigns and alignment.
  • Single source of truth and C-suite metrics dashboard on business results.

Business Results

  • Strategize for long-term financial growth, goodwill, and enhanced valuations.
  • Acquire and delight customers and drive customer-led growth to maximize
    Lifetime Value (LTV), Net Revenue Retention, and minimize customer churn.
  • Marketing and Sales demand processes on the same page with clear Service
    Level Agreements (SLAs) and definitions to drive process excellence.


  • Powerfully communicate the value of marketing to your organization,
    establishing expertise and value.

  • Position and grow a relevant and meaningful brand and value proposition.

  • Attract, motivate, and keep excellent talent.

  • Prepare for uncertainty and market disruptions.

Unsure if 1:1 Advisory is for you?
Determine if the following would be of value:

  • Developing winning strategies to achieve your business goals
  • Finding innovative solutions to marketing challenges
  • Creating focused action plans that drive real results
  • Crafting compelling messaging and content
  • Building your personal and company brand
  • Generating fresh ideas and constructive feedback
  • Moving toward a new mindset of problem solving
  • Providing clarity when feeling overwhelmed or unsure
  • Improving cross-functional alignment and peer relationships
  • Stopping random acts of marketing
  • Getting a strategic seat at the table and educating your organization on the power of modern marketing
  • For marketing executives and VPs of marketing: developing to a CMO

If you find yourself agreeing so far? Let's Get Started

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“He is a trusted counsel to help marketing leaders understand what good looks like, then offer practical tools to help you get there.”

“As a global software leader transforming rapidly under private equity ownership, Precisely must operate with great speed and agility to stay out in front of market trends. One of the ways we’ve done this within the Precisely Marketing organization is to engage Alan and Demand Revenue to apply focus and industry best practices to key initiatives”

“Alan was instrumental in helping to shape my marketing strategy as a “first time” CMO.”

“He helped me onboard as I took on a new role and guided my participation as a marketing lead in our organization’s long-term growth planning.”

Presenting B2B Bootcamp to 400 at SiriusDecisions / Forrester Annual B2B Summit in Austin, TX.

Are you ready to focus on what’s holding you back?

Single Advisory Session

Investment: $995 USD

Three Advisory Sessions

Investment: $2695 USD

Each live session is sixty minutes.

Need Access to a Peer CMO Advisor for a fresh perspective?

Hi, I’m Alan Gonsenhauser.

I specialize in transforming the 90% of companies that are missing out on the financial benefits of superior customer-led growth and pricing power. As a Fractional CMO, Interim CMO, and a CMO Executive Advisor, Mentor, and Coach, I offer a strategic, holistic, and results-oriented approach to B2B and B2B2C marketing. My mission is to eliminate random acts of marketing, resolve cross-functional alignment issues, and accelerate customer-led net revenue retention and growth.

A Multifaceted Background

With a diverse background in marketing, finance, sales, operations, and P&L general management, I seamlessly collaborate with CFOs, C-suites, board members, and
marketing leaders. My expertise enables me to strengthen aligned business and marketing strategies. I also help build and scale the essential infrastructure—people, process, technology, data, and analytics—to fast-track profitable growth. This enhances ROI for private equity and venture investors across their portfolio companies by offering marketing leadership and advisory as a service.

My Experience

I’ve served as a CMO and P&L General Manager across various sectors including healthcare technology and SaaS software models. I’ve also been a CMO Executive Advisor, Analyst, and Healthcare Segment Leader at Forrester and SiriusDecisions where I mentored and coached 108 CMOs and emerging CMOs during my six years there. My experience extends to being an expert witness in marketing and distribution channel litigation, as well as an adjunct graduate marketing professor at Emerson College in Boston where I taught courses on marketing meeting finance to better position marketing to CFOs and CEOs from a business perspective..

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“Alan was a key partner in helping me plan for marketing organizational change, integration of a team due to M&A, and our overall GTM evolution.”

“Alan played a key role on our executive leadership team…to develop 3-year winning moves and annual business strategies, placing critical emphasis on growth strategies and creating a remarkable customer experience.“

“Alan has been a trusted source of best practice and coaching for me for almost ten years. In my marketing transformation journey, Alan has helped me establish investment priorities…”


“Alan is a tremendous resource for senior leaders undergoing growth and transformation.”

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