FinThrive Maintained Velocity with an Interim CMO and Executive Coach

Finding and onboarding a new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is hard. During the search, an organization’s marketing efforts are left in limbo. Hiring an interim CMO can help organizations bridge the gap and make the transition smoother. FinThrive, a Clearlake Capital portfolio company that offers revenue management solutions to healthcare organizations, brought in an interim CMO, but they did something unexpected. They kept their interim CMO as an executive coach after they found their permanent CMO. The company and the executives involved could not be happier.

To find out more about this unique approach, HITMC sat down with Cheryl Alden – Chief Marketing Officer at FinThrive, Rick Pleczko – Vice Chairman at FinThrive, and Alan Gonsenhauser – Principal & Founder at DemandRevenue.,,,