Fractional CMO -- First 90 Days Interviews Alan Gonsenhauser & Baron Belalov​

This season we’re gonna talk through scenarios that companies and these CMOs experience. To share lessons learned, and tips on how to get the most out of a fractional CMO you hired. 
1. So you just started a hypothetical 1-year engagement, What’s the first problem most of your clients need to start fixing. And also please tell the audience a little about you. 
2. Besides sharing information, what should a CEO do to get maximum value from a fractional CMO?
3. What lessons would pass along to fCMOs walking into a company where there are already people working in Marketing?
4. If you’re a FTE working in a marketing team, and the company hires a a fractional CMO, what changes can you expect to see in your job? 
5. Is a fractional engagement better for everyone if it’s a marathon or a sprint? When should these engagements have defined end dates, and when should they have an ongoing part-time character?