How Top CMOs Get the CFO On the Same Page – In 5 Steps.

For CMOs aiming high, the CFO isn’t just another C-suite
colleague. They’re your ace in the hole. As CEOs depend on
CFOs for balancing the operational and financial aspects, CMOs
can tap into this dynamic to shift marketing from a cost center to a
strategic powerhouse.

Here are five savvy strategies for CMOs to sync up with their

  1. Reframe Marketing’s Role: It’s time to steer marketing
    from a perceived cost sink to a results-driven, corporate-
    contributing accelerant. Get your CFO on board, showing them
    how marketing’s evolving role can directly influence business
  2. Speak their Language: Forget marketing jargon. Focus on
    what matters – revenue, profit, customer value, retention. The
    key? Master the business lingo to demonstrate how marketing
    directly impacts the bottom line.
  3. Craft a Marketing Dashboard: Align this with your
    corporate objectives. This isn’t just about showcasing marketing
    prowess; it’s about tying your efforts to tangible business outcomes. Focus the dashboard to metrics which show the results and outputs of marketing activities and impacts to the business. Leave out activity metrics which just show how busy marketing is.
  4. Foster Regular Collaboration: Set up frequent meetings.
    Discuss evolving business priorities and co-create growth
    strategies. Involving the CFO’s team in marketing plans isn’t just
    smart; it’s strategic.
  5. Embrace the General Manager Mindset: Show you’re a
    steward of your budget. Demonstrate how every marketing dollar
    is an investment towards growth and customer engagement.
    Strong CMO/CFO partnerships are more than beneficial – they’re
    transformative. For the CFO, it’s about gaining insight into a
    critical growth driver. For you, the CMO, it’s about redefining
    marketing as a key player in achieving corporate goals.