How We Shocked Every Competitor and Jumped From Last to First in Net Promoter Score. 

The big names – think Nordstrom, Amazon, Apple – all have something in common: an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction. But what happens when they slip up? That’s where our story begins.

Customer experience is everything. It’s not just a nice-to-have; it’s a must-do. And it’s not just on the CMO. The CEO’s got to lead this charge, making sure the entire company is on board. This isn’t just a theory; it’s a battle-tested strategy. Let me show you how.

Take this case study: a $700MM EMEA company, struggling with customer satisfaction. We introduced the Net Promoter Score (NPS) globally, benchmarking against key competitors. Initially, our scores were lagging. But here’s the kicker: within a year, we didn’t just catch up; we zoomed past our rivals. How? Let’s dive in.

1. **Vendor-of-Choice Measurement**: We didn’t just ask; we listened. We evaluated customer and prospect views on everything from our brand to our services. Frequent checks and competitor benchmarks kept us sharp.

2. **Vendor-of-Choice Analysis**: We turned promoters into our marketing megaphones, while detractor feedback shaped our improvement areas. Our SWOT analysis wasn’t just a formality; it was our roadmap.

3. **Action**: We linked NPS results to everyone’s performance, CEO included. Clear incentives were set, and action plans with deadlines were rolled out. This wasn’t a one-off; it was a relentless push for excellence.

4. **Improvement**: Accountability was key. We tracked our plan executions and celebrated our wins. But we didn’t shy away from gaps; we tackled them head-on, making customer-centricity our culture.

In a year, we flipped the script. Our NPS scores soared, and customer satisfaction became our trademark. This wasn’t luck. It was a focused, company-wide commitment to listening, learning, and evolving.

It’s a lesson for all of us: Assume nothing, measure everything. CMOs have this golden shot at driving transformative customer experience changes. It’s about crafting a solid process to understand and act on customer feedback, making a real impact.