Leadership Thoughts

Speaking Personally

Q. How has your experience across industries equipped you for your next position?

A. The healthcare and life sciences ecosystem is ripe for disruption and improvement with new technologies and business models to reduce costs while improving the quality patient care. Diverse healthcare and financing networks enable me to quickly leverage and deploy best practices; resulting in accelerated growth, successful alliances, and innovative new ways to serve customers.

Q. Why are entrepreneurial skills critical for every company?

A. Most successful firms focus on “sustaining innovations” to make their products and services incrementally better for existing customers. But “disruptive innovations” lead new ways of getting the customers’ jobs done faster, easier, more conveniently and less expensively. If companies are not always looking for ways to disrupt their own products and services, someone else will render them obsolete eventually.

Q. How would you describe your leadership style?

A. Participatory, transparent and by example. It is important for me to understand what motivates people and give public credit for successes. I believe in frequent one-on-ones and team meetings, communicating the organization’s objectives and clarifying how each person adds value. Great leaders listen and challenge, reward for progress, and catch folks doing things right. I love mentoring, encouraging excellence and helping people grow in and beyond their roles.

Q. How do you decide where to focus your attention on a given day?

A. By asking myself, “What’s right for our customers?” Their satisfaction and loyalty always comes first. My most relevant activities drive the value proposition by helping customers and prospects get heir jobs done in new and better ways. I also focus every day on ways to grow the business, drive continuous improvement and create operational efficiencies. But customers are always first and foremost in my mind

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