Leadership, B2B Marketing, and Business Development Strategies

This season we’re gonna talk through scenarios that companies and these CMOs experience. To share lessons learned, and tips on how to get the most out of a fractional CMO you hired. 
1. So you just started a hypothetical 1-year engagement, What’s the first problem most of your clients need to start fixing. And also please tell the audience a little about you. 
2. Besides sharing information, what should a CEO do to get maximum value from a fractional CMO?
3. What lessons would pass along to fCMOs walking into a company where there are already people working in Marketing?
4. If you’re a FTE working in a marketing team, and the company hires a a fractional CMO, what changes can you expect to see in your job? 
5. Is a fractional engagement better for everyone if it’s a marathon or a sprint? When should these engagements have defined end dates, and when should they have an ongoing part-time character?