Meet Alan Gonsenhauser: Aligning Teams For Explosive Growth​

Meet Alan Gonsenhauser: Aligning Teams For Explosive Growth

In this episode of “Go Fast, Grow Fast,” join us as Shawn sits down with Alan Gonsenhauser, the Founder and CEO of Demand Revenue, LLC, for a discussion on driving revenue growth, navigating the challenges of scaling businesses, and mastering the art of marketing leadership. 

With a wealth of experience from being a CMO ten times over to advising over 130 CMOs, Alan brings invaluable insights into the dynamics of working with PE-backed companies, aligning marketing strategies with business goals, and delighting customers for sustainable growth. What You’ll Learn: The journey from startup to scale: Identifying and surpassing key inflection points for business growth. Insights into the unique challenges and strategies for companies owned by private equity firms. The critical role of alignment among marketing, sales, product, and customer success teams in accelerating growth and profitability. The power of customer obsession: How focusing on delighting customers pre and post-sale drives revenue retention and brand advocacy. Practical advice on navigating the modern marketing landscape, from the integration of predictive analytics technology with AI to provide intent information to data quality and analytics. Tips for emerging CMOs and marketing leaders on combining strategic vision with operational efficiency to fuel growth. Alan also shares his perspectives on the evolving role of marketing in driving business success, the importance of clean data, and how to foster a culture that prioritizes customer experience above all else. Books Mentioned: – “Winning On Purpose” by Fred Reichheld – “Purple Cow” by Seth Godin For those looking to deepen their understanding of marketing’s impact on business growth and how to navigate the complex challenges of scaling a company, this episode is packed with actionable insights and expert advice.