Podcast: The Next CMO – All about Customer Experience and Growth

In this episode, we speak to Alan Gonsenhauser, the Principal and Founder of Demand Revenue about all things customer experience. Alan is an experienced CMO and general manager, and more recently as a CMO Executive Advisor and Analyst at Forrester and SiriusDecisions. He now offers Marketing Leadership-as-a-service, serving as a Fractional  CMO, Interim CMO, and supports CMOs and marketing executives as an Executive Advisor, mentor, and Coach. Alan is also a Keynote Presenter at industry conferences and company kick-off meetings, globally. Demand Revenue, LLC offers a comprehensive set of Strategic Marketing Services valued by private equity and venture investors and their portfolio companies.

Most recently, Alan has served as an interim CMO and fractional CMO at four Health Tech and SaaS Software private equity and venture portfolio companies, including FinThrive, Brightly Software, a Siemens company, and Linus Health. He also advises and mentors CMOs and marketing executives at multiple firms.
Prior to Demand Revenue, Gonsenhauser spent 25 years as a chief marketing officer and general manager for leading global B2B firms across health IT, medical and dental devices, technology, financial and professional services firms, and more recently as a CMO Executive Advisor, Coach, and Analyst at Forrester and SiriusDecisions.
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