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Drew Neisser interviews Alan Gonsenhauser on Fractional CMO and Interim CMO Experience

Drew Neisser of CMO Huddles interviews Alan Gonsenhauser on his DemandRevenue.com business which he started in early 2021 after leaving Forrester where he was a CMO Executive Advisor and coach for over 108 CMOs and VPs marketing. Demand Revenue, LLC and Alan Gonsenhauser is an executive advisor, mentor and coach to CMOs and Senior Marketing Leaders.

DemandRevenue is a Fractional CMO and Interim CMO firm to private equity and venture-owned portfolio companies, helping them ignite customer growth. Click the link to watch the video.


FinThrive Maintained Velocity with an Interim CMO and Executive Coach

Finding and onboarding a new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is hard. During the search, an organization’s marketing efforts are left in limbo. Hiring an interim CMO can help organizations bridge the gap and make the transition smoother. FinThrive, a Clearlake Capital portfolio company that offers revenue management solutions to healthcare organizations, brought in an interim CMO, but they did something unexpected. They kept their interim CMO as an executive coach after they found their permanent CMO. The company and the executives involved could not be happier.

To find out more about this unique approach, HITMC sat down with Cheryl Alden – Chief Marketing Officer at FinThrive, Rick Pleczko – Vice Chairman at FinThrive, and Alan Gonsenhauser – Principal & Founder at DemandRevenue.



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Demand Revenue Podcast: Lead Management Strategies that Drive Revenue

If you want to drive growth at your organization, you must master lead management. In this episode, David Lewis, BDO DemandGen, interviews Alan Gonsenhauser, Fractional CMO, Interim CMO and CMO Advisor at DemandRevenue. Alan shares advice for how marketers can grow revenue by operationalizing their lead management process.

Listen as David and Alan discuss:

  • What happens when sales and marketing finally get aligned.
  • Why marketing teams must operationalize their lead qualification process.
  • Tips for getting your BD’s to respond to leads quicker.
  • Is the funnel still relevant?

bdodigital.com, bbdo.com

Productivity-enhancing technologies to improve operational excellence can help meet emerging healthcare needs in challenging economic conditions

“There are different ways companies can grow through new markets and geographies, new buying centers, new products and services, mergers & acquisitions, and productivity” – Alan Gonsenhauser, Principal and Founder at DemandRevenue LLC.

Alan Gonsenhauser, Principal and Founder of DemandRevenue, LLC., is an Interim Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and CMO Coach. For six years, he worked as a CMO analyst and Healthcare Segment Director at Forrester Research–previously SiriusDecisions–a leading research and advisory company. Now, he works as an Interim CMO and Executive Coach for healthcare companies, including FinThrive, Linus Health, and Brightly Software (acquired by Siemens).

Precisely CMO Coaching Case Study

Precisely Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Kevin Ruane, realized significant benefits with DemandRevenue that included optimizing the company’s demand creation engine and simplifying its GTM strategy, which helped to meet growth objectives and enhance the value of the Marketing organization. Ruane believes that leaders who lack experienced, external advisors are doing themselves and their organizations a disservice, given that  Marketing Coaches & CMO Advisors can provide valuable thinking and approaches to solving key business challenges to drive tangible results.


Growing Revenue with a Holistic Customer Experience - Demand Revenue Podcast with BBDO

Approximately percent of #customers are willing to pay more for a better #customerexperience, and that experience doesn’t end once a prospect becomes a customer.

In this episode of #demandgenradio, David Lewis interviews Alan Gonsenhauser, Principal and Founder of Demand Revenue. Alan has coached over 100 CMOs and VPs on #marketing organization design, customer marketing, campaign functions, and customer experience.

Customer Experience Excellence - Demand Revenue Podcast

Fractional CMO and CMO Coach & Advisor Alan Gonsenhauser joined Matt Heinz of Heinz Marketing on Sales Pipeline Radio. They discussed how to create and maintain remarkable customer experiences pre- and post-sales, new metrics to continuously improve customer experience. the proper use of Net Promoter Score and NPS 3.0 with the new earned growth metric espoused by Fred Reichheld, the creator of NPS in his new book. Gonsenhauser also gave advice on how today’s CMOs can keep marketing relevant and continually innovate.



Customer Experience, NPS 3.0, The Next CMO & Planful - Demand Revenue Podcast

In this podcast, Peter Mahoney, CEO of Plannuh interviews Alan Gonsenhauser of DemandRevenue.com to discuss the importance of creating and maintaining remarkable customer experiences, key metrics to track progress, and how to leverage NPS 3.0 to drive continuous improvement and long-term financial success. 

planful.com/marketing, thenextcmo.com

Marketing Organization Design - Demand Revenue Interview

“We used the Eight Cs of Effective Organizational Design and Marketing Ecosystem models extensively to consolidate and reorganize marketing, and SiriusDecisions data points to show how effective various organizational structures were. SiriusDecisions helped me build a case for change.” Steve Hardy, VP and Head of Marketing, PerkinElmer

perkinelmer.com, Prophix.com

Integrated B2B Campaigns - Demand Revenue Interview

“Our campaign and content strategy required that we align content offers into integrated programs targeting a very robust enterprise buying cycle through the lens of each persona. When pulled together, this gave us the model to generate measurable engagement and conversion as we mapped everything into segmented campaigns in our CRM and MAP systems – it’s been a fantastic journey!” Kathy English, Chief Marketing Officer, Vocera

vocera.com, stryker.com

Demand Management - Demand Revenue Interview

“With the Demand Unit Waterfall, not only can we look at the success of marketing campaigns, but we can closely monitor our progress in account penetration. I amnow excited about the alignment these metrics bring to connect with the sales organization. We speak the same language.” Mark Erwich, VP of Marketing, Imprivata

Imprivata.com, verato.com

Content Transformation - Demand Revenue Interview

“We’re now able to lead strategic initiatives to manage process change and technology implementation so that we can maximize content utilization and sales productivity.” Kathleen Pierce, Director, Global Commercial Enablement, Illumina


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