Strategic Marketing Services
During Critical Company Transitions.

    • Position and develop strong, meaningful brands with PR to create market buzz and competitive differentiation.
    • Improve brand authenticity from a customer experience and product perspective.
    • Communicate the brand value proposition consistently at every point of contact.
    • Improve C-Suite alignment among executive leaders and their teams to accelerate growth, drive operational excellence, and expand profitability.
    • Drive profitable growth through stronger business and economic alignment among sales, marketing, product management, and finance functions.
    • Develop aligned processes for strategic and operational plans.
    • Measure and continuously strengthen customer experiences to improve gross and net retention.
    • Create remarkable customer experiences throughout their journey to enjoy loyal advocates, retention, and market valuations. Include the initial selling process, on-boarding, continued usage, advocacy, retention, and up-sell / cross-sell growth.
    • Understand customer churn and Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost (LTV/CAC) metrics and operational levers to expand gross and net retention.
Customer Experience and Journey Mapping

Customer Led Growth Ops

    • Advise investors and consultants on complex issues surrounding B2B marketing, best-efforts channel distribution, health IT, and dental implants and regenerative medicine.
    • Provide expert witness and deposition services for major litigation.
    • Perform market sizing and segmentation with relative targeting to develop an audience framework. Prioritize audience segments and relevant buyer personas, isolating key buyer pain points and needs.
    • Map portfolio offerings to buyer needs, solution opportunities, and gaps.
    • Determine buying scenario, decision process, buyers journey maps, and pathways and channels to grow business.

Lack of Cross-Functional Alignment

    • Strengthen new logo and up-sell / cross-sell demand process management and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) between marketing and sales.
    • Plan and implement integrated campaigns (e.g., growth plays) based on customer needs with efficiently orchestrated reputation, demand, customer engagement, and sales enablement programs.
    • Model marketing contributions to business bookings, revenue, and profits with CFOs and the board.

Demand Marketing


Integrated B2B Campaigns

    • Optimize marketing organization design and capabilities.
    • Compare company performance to industry benchmarks and KPI.
    • Define and effectively communicate marketing value and impact to the business.
    • Develop CMO dashboards with leading and lagging metrics clearly defined and aligned with the C-suite.
    • Track efficiency and effectiveness of winning new business, maximizing retention, and customer lifetime value.
    • Assess marketing organization, determine gaps, and redesign marketing to drive key business priorities, operational efficiency, customer experiences, and sustained growth.
    • Organize and connect key marketing functions by creating centers of excellence for demand, marketing operations, customer engagement and experience, portfolio marketing, global campaigns, content strategy & operations, and marketing communications and brand sub-functions.
    • Align with sales and product functions to deliver on key business strategies and plans.
Marketing Organizational Design
    • Ensure brands are differentiated, authentic, and communicated consistently through PR with industry influencers, editors, and analysts.
    • Develop strategies that create buzz for company and products.
    • Leverage network of PR professionals and contacts to maximize impact.
    • Assess external segment attractiveness: category spend, growth, key trends, pending triggers, and competitive landscape.
    • Assess internal organizational capabilities: products and solutions fit, domain expertise, quality database, value proposition and messaging, and enabled sales channels.
    • Balance external market opportunities with internal readiness to determine which industry segments have the most promise in the short- and long-term.
    • Facilitate the strategic process with cross-functional alignment among sales, marketing, and product functions.
    • Develop and implement aligned business and marketing three- to five-year strategic plans.
    • Identify and focus business on the lowest hanging fruit segments, balancing external market with internal capabilities.
    • Integrate annual planning processes tied to long-term business strategies.
    • Review elements required for successful change management and transformations. Common examples include Product-to-Audience and high-performance marketing transformations.
    • Evaluate cultural considerations for change management initiatives.
    • Develop models for operationalizing and sustaining change.

Content Transformation for Sales Enablement

Net Promoter Score does it apply to B-to-B


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Melanie Marcus
Melanie MarcusCMO Surescripts
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“Alan has been a trusted source of best practice and coaching for me for almost ten years. In my marketing transformation journey, Alan has helped me establish investment priorities assess organizational alignment, implement a campaign framework and systematize marketing strategy. His partnership has been invaluable.”
Tomasz Lisewski
Tomasz LisewskiGlobal CMO, Phillips Healthcare
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“Alan provided significant value as a trusted Marketing Advisor and partner to me with Philip's global product-to-audience transformation of our marketing organizations. He presented to our CEO in Amsterdam and built relationships on multiple levels, helping us with organization design, change management, focusing on growth segments and audiences, and key metrics to track our progress. Alan's knowledge of our healthcare segments and continuity of care was very helpful. I depended on him as a valuable resource to me as CMO.”
Martijn Tel
Martijn TelCFO GLG, Ex-CFO SiriusDecisions
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“I worked with Alan for five years at SiriusDecisions where he was CMO Executive Advisor and Global Healthcare Segment Director, and I served as the CFO. Alan consistently managed to grow his practice and retain and expand his client base. I attribute this to his deep industry and subject matter expertise and commitment to client outcomes. I highly recommend Alan for either a Chief Marketing Officer or CMO Executive Advisor role.”

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