“Alan provided significant value as a trusted Marketing Advisor and partner to me with Philip's global product-to-audience transformation of our marketing organizations. He presented to our CEO in Amsterdam and built relationships on multiple levels, helping us with organization design, change management, focusing on growth segments and audiences, and key metrics to track our progress. Alan's knowledge of our healthcare segments and continuity of care was very helpful. I depended on him as a valuable resource to me as CMO.”
Tomasz Lisewski
Global CMO, Philips Healthcare
“Alan has been a trusted source of best practice and coaching for me for almost ten years. In my marketing transformation journey, Alan has helped me establish investment priorities, assess organizational alignment, implement a campaign framework and systematize marketing strategy. His partnership has been invaluable.”
Melanie Marcus
CMO Surescripts
“I worked with Alan for five years at SiriusDecisions where he was CMO Executive Advisor and Global Healthcare Segment Director, and I served as the CFO. Alan consistently managed to grow his practice and retain and expand his client base. I attribute this to his deep industry and subject matter expertise and commitment to client outcomes. I highly recommend Alan for either a Chief Marketing Officer or CMO Executive Advisor role.”
Martijn Tel
CFO GLG, Ex-CFO SiriusDecisions
“Alan reported to me when I was leading SiriusDecisions' Marketing Executive Services. After making the great decision to hire him, Alan quickly emerged as a top executive analyst working closely with chief marketing officers at our most valued accounts. He led the development and ongoing management of our Healthcare vertical business, which became SiriusDecisions' fastest-growing segment with our best client retention. In addition to being a deeply knowledgeable and experienced advisor to our CMO clients, Alan is also is also an excellent relationship builder and business leader. The connections he made with clients drove exceptional engagement and retention, and his business acumen drove exceptional growth and expansion. While Alan's primary focus was on the healthcare segment, he engaged with and delivered value to top clients across industries due to his strong B2B marketing knowledge, inspirational communication and presentation skills, and ability to network with and engage executives as a peer. It was a genuine pleasure working with Alan, and I can wholeheartedly recommend him for any marketing or business leadership role.”
Jay Gaines
CMO Tesorio, Ex-CMO Forrester
“Alan empowers leaders to deliver results aligned to organizational goals and aspirations. My partnership with Alan started several years ago to develop a roadmap for marketing and communications excellence within the healthcare and medical technology sector. As a strategic thought partner, Alan listens to understand, breaks down complex information in simple terms, and shares ready to use strategies and tactics empowering teams to advance to the next level.”
Kristi Einhorn
Marketing Capabilities and Functional Excellence at Medtronic
"Alan was instrumental in helping to shape my marketing strategy as a “first time” CMO. He brings both a pragmatic framework to marketing through his experience and vast network across many industry segments as well all as an innovative mindset to compete in a digital world. Alan’s professionalism and ability to translate obscure marketing language to the c-suite was a huge contributor to the success of our marketing organization. Pleasure to work with and hope to have the opportunity to do so again.”
Jeff Petry
Managing Director at Deloitte Consulting, Ex-CMO Premier
“Alan was a key partner in helping me plan for marketing organizational change, integration of a team due to M&A, and our overall GTM evolution. He is experienced and knowledgeable about the space, having both done the work and helped dozens of other leaders as an advisor. He is also extremely easy to work with and generous in his approach to helping others. As a CMO, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking we know it all (we don't), and finding people like Alan to help remind us that there are many ways to solve problems is always a gift. He can range from the very strategic to the highly practical, and he keeps his commitments. You should know him, work with him, and learn from him if you get the opportunity.”
Norman Guadagno
CMO Acoustic, Ex-CMO Carbonite
“I was a client of Alan’s while he led the healthcare practice at Sirius Decisions. I had forever been a fan of the Sirius demand generation framework while I worked for Cisco. However, as a new VP of Marketing at Vocera, I needed support from someone that knew the healthcare market and how to grow a marketing team to be innovative, relevant and results oriented. Alan was the perfect prescription. He helped me with org design, determining how to move from a VP of Marketing to a CMO, how to leverage the tools to assess brand strength when integrating a newly acquired company, and helped me to develop a strategy to evolve field marketing as the company expanded its international focus. Alan is the best consultant and confident for a newly emerging CMO.”
Kathy English
CMO Vocera
“I've been honored to work alongside Alan for the past 6 years and I can say he's a unique treasure for marketing and healthcare execs seeking pragmatic and successful transformations. As a former CMO and General Manager of both realms he easily moves between them threading strategy, practicality and seasoned advice to make a positive business impact with and for them. Who else but Alan would you take to a meeting with the CEO of an $18B healthcare company (Philips) desperately trying to reinvent itself? So, if you're looking beyond just incrementally improving effectiveness, growth and profitability and want to think differently for new and better outcomes, make sure you call Alan first.”
Jack Androvich
High Tech Vertical Lead, (Prior SiriusDecisions Consulting VP), Forrester
“I’ve had the great fortune and distinct pleasure of working with Alan Gonsenhauser for the past 6+ years at SiriusDecisions >> Forrester Research. During Alan’s tenure with our Healthcare team, it quickly became the fastest growing vertical in the company for several years running. Alan’s brilliance, extensive background across executive functions and his ability to establish rapport with our clients and prospects always makes him a “must have” relationship, in which he serves as a valuable peer and excellent coach. Alan’s “can do” attitude, willingness to help, and expertise in relating with the C-suite audience is my secret weapon for winning new customers and making them happy clients.”
Claire Julian
Senior Healthcare Strategic Account Executive, SiriusDecisions and Forrester
"As a global software leader transforming rapidly under private equity ownership, Precisely must operate with great speed and agility to stay out in front of market trends. One of the ways we’ve done this within the Precisely Marketing organization is to engage Alan and Demand Revenue to apply focus and industry best practices to key initiatives. Alan’s knowledge of go-to-market strategy, Marketing organizational design, and cross-functional alignment has made a meaningful impact on our business in a short amount of time. Alan’s partnership and guidance will help us maximize our results this year and set us up for sustained success in the future."
Kevin Ruane
CMO Precisely
"Alan's impressive marketing leadership skills are matched by the genuine kindness he extends to his clients and colleagues. I've had the pleasure to work with him over the last year and witness firsthand his skill in engaging marketing leaders on important strategic topics, including organization design, change management, and digital transformation. These positive and impactful interactions helped educate our clients on the concepts and frameworks they should use, and important lessons to learn from, to enhance their strategies and execute more effectively. One mutual client (ThermoFisher) recently provided feedback that illustrates Alan's approach to working with clients. The client shared they've had many different experiences with analyst meetings from different meetings and using different models. Alan was the first one in this sort of setting to not just answer questions in a general sense but actually take the time to understand their business, their business needs, and then help them frame the right questions and how to address them."
Jason Driggers
Senior Director, Key Accounts, Forrester
"I had the pleasure of working with Alan at nThrive as our interim CMO. Alan is a highly experienced CMO that understands the Private Equity model, value creation and the associated ROI models. Alan's ability in assessing, benchmarking, augmenting organizational gaps, tackling the demand generation engine and prioritizing marketing spend is outstanding. He has a wealth of specialist resources at his disposal that can accelerate marketing transformation and he uses them wisely. As an experienced executive, Alan has a strategic mind and gains the respect of the ELT and the board rapidly to execute on delivering results rapidly."
Payam Taaghol
Executive Chairman at nThrive
Alan has an incredible knowledge base in modern marketing strategies and how to drive growth through operational excellence. His decades of experience in healthcare marketing and knowing how to navigate the unique challenges of this segment are extremely valuable. I have known Alan through his time with Sirius Decisions, Forrester and now through his own consultancy. He is a trusted counsel to help marketing leaders understand what good looks like, then offer practical tools to help you get there.
Cheryl Alden
CMO nThrive


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