"Grow CFO" The Relationship Between The CFO And CMO

Exploring the Synergy between CFOs and CMOs | Grow CFO Show
Join host Kevin Appleby and special guest Alan Gonsenhauser, Founder and CEO of DemandRevenue.com on the Grow CFO Show as they delve into the crucial relationship between Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). 
Discover how these C-suite leaders can collaborate effectively to drive company growth and customer satisfaction.
In This Episode:
Alan’s Unique Perspective: With a background in finance and extensive experience as a 10-times CMO, and coaching and mentoring over 130 CMOs, Alan provides unique insights into the dynamics between CFOs and CMOs.

Key Discussion Points:
The evolving role of marketing in business and how it can be quantified and understood by finance.
Practical advice for CFOs on fostering a productive partnership with CMOs— and CMOs aligning effectively with their CFOs.
The importance of customer-led growth metrics like customer lifetime value, net promoter score, net revenue retention, and brand advocates bringing you new business on future financial performance, valuations, and goodwill.
Alan’s tips for creating predictive and impactful KPI dashboards that align marketing and finance objectives.
Why Watch? Learn strategies to enhance collaboration across departments, understand the modern demands of marketing, and harness the full potential of your company’s growth strategies. Whether you’re a CFO, CMO, or another C-suite executive, this episode offers valuable insights into maximizing business success through cross-functional alignment.
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